Investment advice: The Foreign Exchange

12 10 2008

Leave it all behind, The Foreign Exchange’s sophomore effort, is well on its way to receiving the same critical acclaim that their 2004 debut, Connected, befell. Well-deserved, I would argue. The Foreign Exchange is a two-man wrecking crew made up of American MC Phonte and Dutch producer extraordinaire Nicolay. In the tradition of Eric B & Rakim, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and Guru & DJ Premier, Phonte & Nicolay simply make timeless beats.

The title track from Leave it all behind, Daykeeper, is massive. A true soul symphony. Mysterious lyrics, pitch-perfect beats and a brilliant one-two vocal punch between Phonte and Muhsinah. A highly recommended download.

The Foreign Exchange – Daykeeper (feat. Muhsinah) (Imagine Nation, 2008)



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