Brussels is a boogie wonderland

12 12 2009

I find romance when I start to dance in boogie wonderland

Wholly recommended: Strictly Niceness @ La Bodega. Your monthly shindig.

Give yourself the freedom, let’s bounce

25 10 2009

For some sports you need a ball. For triathlon you need two. Writing a PhD however, requires a third. While said to be benign, the growth is known to induce severe moodswings, bouts of paranoia and insomnia. Other side effects are self-indulgence, weight loss and Sehnsucht.

One way I try to escape from it all is by running. Long distance running. Ran a 20k trail race yesterday with long time buddy Danny and was able to run consistently and comfortably at my (ideal) marathon pace of 12km/h. All along, I ran to Vaughn Mason & Crew‘s timeless bassline.

Vaughn Mason & Crew – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (Brunswick, 1980)

The Strictly Niceness magic formula

9 10 2009

Grown folks music, good times and strictly niceness, courtesy of Phil & Bernard. Strictly niceness are monthly shindigs in our nation’s capital. Recommended. I’d never thought I’d say this, but Brussels is really growing on me. For everyone who says Brussels is a soulless bureaucracy, think twice.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A Marvin Gaye ‘audiobiography’

5 10 2009

Jimmy Green, I salute you. You’ve made an instant classic mixtape of Marvin Gaye gems, audio snippets, blends and beats. You call it an ‘audiobiography’, I call it a masterpiece. ‘After the Dance’ featuring Biggie? Damn right. Thanks for this, Jimmy. Download. Spread the word. Dance.


They say you’re no good for me

2 10 2009

A little synth-infused throwback soulfunk never hurt anyone. Granted, Stones Throw is milking A Strange Affair somewhat, but if they keep churning out quality remixes, keep on milking I say.

Mayer Hawthorne – Green eyed love (classixx remix) (Stones Throw, 2009)

I can see myself go passing by

30 09 2009

Here you go. A wholesome blend of soul, hip hop, jazz and funk. You’re welcome.

The Rebirth – This Journey In (vocal) (Kajmere Records, 2002)

Lyrics. Purchase. MySpace. Unwind.

A strange arrangement of wholesomeness

7 09 2009

Falsetto, throwback Motown soul with a hip hop pedigree. That’s what Mayer Hawthorne brings on his instant classic debut album, A Strange Arrangement. As of today, the album is available in Europe on iTunes and Stones Throw. Read the excellent two-part review on soul-sides, download a remix and indulge in some sunsoaked bliss.

Bubbly, delightfully obscure ditties

25 08 2009

I’ve been anticipating the release of Brownswood Bubblers 4 for quite some time now and here it is now, available on Brownswood and iTunes. De-lish.

Forging ahead with the Bubblers series, Brownswood Recordings are proud to present another awe-inspiring assortment of delightfully obscure ditties and underground heaters that have been clogging Gilles’ record bag and radio playlists of late. Kicking off with the honey-coated Motor City soul vibes purveyed by Mayer Hawthorne on ‘Maybe So Maybe No’ and weaving a path through to Lone’s lush, widescreen beatscape ‘Sea Spray’. This is Gilles Peterson in his element – flitting between Oumou Sangaré’s soaring African melodies, Maryland beatmaker yU’s coarsely chopped hip hop soul, El Michels Affair reworking classic ODB material for the jazz headz, New Look’s spine-tingling electro pop, and the rich sub low cinematics of Floating Points.

More from Gilles Peterson at KSPACE.TV. Also recommended: Lefto’s mix.

‘Best of Bubblers’ A Brownswood Mixtape

11 08 2009

This puts a smile on my face. A Brownswood mixtape, all Bubblers, available on Soundcloud. Clever way to promote the upcoming release of Brownswood Bubblers Vol. 4. Recommended, especially if you’re new to Brownswood and Gilles Peterson’s taste in music.

1. Soundspecies – Can We Call It Love (with Ahu) [BB4]
2. Simbad feat. Steelo – Soul Fever [BB1]
3. Bullion – Get Familiar [BB3]
4. NSM – The Hype [BB2]
5. Katalyst feat. Steve Spacek – How Bout Us [BB3]
6. Cornish Waters feat. Duchess – Walking [BB2]
7. Ayak & First Man – Can We Go Back? [BB1]
8. DJ Day – A Place To Go [BB3]
9. Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No [BB4]
10. Iman – Who Was I Trying To Fool [BB1]
11. Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers [BB2]
12. New Look – Everything [BB4]

José James’ blend of black magic

31 07 2009

“My goal is to combine all the music I love: jazz, soul, hip hop, blues, funk into one thing. And everyday I’m getting closer to that sound and goal.”

— José James

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video courtesy of [via LeFtOoO @ Brownswood]