The UK Linguistic Ethnography Forum (UKLEF) brings together researchers conducting linguistic ethnography in the UK and elsewhere. It seeks to explore a range of past and current work, to identify key issues, and to engage in methodologically and theoretically well-tuned debate.

Linguistic Ethnography holds that language and social life are mutually shaping, and that close analysis of situated language use can provide both fundamental and distinctive insights into the mechanisms and dynamics of social and cultural production in everyday activity.

UKLEF is a Special Interest Group of the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL). The Coordinating Committee consists of:

Jeff Bezemer, Convenor (2009-2011)
Tom Van Hout, Communications Secretary (2009-2011)
Frances Giampapa, Meetings Secretary (2008-2010)
Fiona Copland, Treasurer (2008-2010)
Max Spotti, Ordinary Member (2008-2010)
Sara Shaw, Ordinary Member (2009-2011)
Janet Maybin, Co-opted Member (2009-2010)

The UK Linguistic Ethnography Forum has 250 members from over 100 different institutions from across the world. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in linguistic ethnography. When you sign up to the Forum your name will be added to the mailinglist and reported to British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL). In becoming a member of UKLEF you do not automatically become a member of BAAL.

To apply for membership please send an email to detailing

  • forename
  • surname
  • affiliation (organization and/or department)
  • research interests
  • BAAL membership status

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