The NewsTalk&Text research group promotes applied linguistic research on news production at the Department of Language and Communication, Ghent University, Belgium. In 2009, NT&T

  • the negotiation of news during press conferences, news interviews, story meetings and editorial practices;
  • how companies, governments and PR agencies write press releases
  • how journalists draw on sources such as press releases to write news articles
  • the impact of technological innovations in media work (e-releases, blogging, participatory journalism)

NT&T runs a Working Paper Series (WPS). This series provides an electronic forum for the dissemination of work in press or in progress. All WPS installments are freely available as PDF documents.

The first WPS installment is NT&T’s position paper, which sketches the contours of a linguistics of news production. Our aim is to bring linguistic analysis to bear on the discursive processes that shape the news product, and, in this way, fill in a blind spot in news scholarship.

This position paper is the collective writing effort of the NewsTalk&Text Research Group, including in alphabetical order: Paola Cattenacio (University of Milan); Colleen Cotter (Queen Mary University London); Mark De Smedt (Ghent University); Giuliana Garzone (University of Milan); Geert Jacobs (Ghent University); Felicitas Macgilchrist (Georg Eckert Institute); Lut Lams (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel); Daniel Perrin (Zurich University of Applied Sciences); John E. Richardson (University of Loughborough);  Tom Van Hout (Ghent University); Ellen Van Praet  (Ghent University).

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