Try a tri in Eeklo

29 02 2008

Time to tweak my race calender with a sixth race. On June 29, I will compete in the inaugural edition of the Eeklo Triathlon. An Olympic, non-drafting race with a 1000m swim leg, 38k bike leg and a 10k run. With only 200 starting slots, this race will sell out in no time. Register while you can.


Talking wine language

27 02 2008

Dutch business communication magazine AdRem published an article by yours truly on wine language (in Dutch). Download the PDF here. Any and all comments and feedback are welcome.


Cursing linguist in the news

26 02 2008

Meet Prof. Piet Van Sterkenburg, the recently retired Leiden University lexicographer who has made a career out of analyzing yo momma jokes. In between, he edited the Van Dale dictionary.

cop this

26 02 2008

Copped the new Badu album this afternoon. I suggest you do too.

PS: coolest artwork ever?


en vogue

26 02 2008

Possibly the only thing hotter than the new Badu album is the 2008 Trek Madone. I’ve never been a Trek fan, but this design is dope!

Photo source: Bike Hugger. Review at Replace the Bontrager wheels and saddle with some Mavic and Selle Italia gear and you’ve got yourself quite the race monster.

track this

26 02 2008

Out with the old, in with the new. Let’s give the buy & hold strategy a breather and take my chances with some tracker funds. Main advantages: simplicity and breadth. Trackers or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) reduce portfolio diversification to one transaction by tracking the performance of an index (instead of trying to outperform it). In addition, trackers are investments in sectors, countries or regions instead of one company. With trackers, the world can be your oyster, especially in a virtual investment competition.

Dig deeper in Dutch or in English.

the dreamer is coming to town

25 02 2008

and he’s in good company: Lefto, Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson and Marc Mac & Dego.

José James in concert. 17 May 08 | Het Depot | Leuven