Flanders in the news: a discursive analysis of the news production process

HOF research fund, Ghent University College, 2009-2011

This two-year research project examines the media representation of Flanders in the foreign press. How do European newspapers report on Flanders? Which processes (information flows) channel this news coverage? By studying the production contexts, this project sets out to generate ethnographically grounded knowledge about the media representation of Flemish public  and cultural diplomacy.

Methodologically, a combination of corpus analysis and fieldwork is employed. First, we analyze a corpus of news reports from The Netherlands, the UK, France and Germany around a number of Flemish ‘critical discourse moments’ (the credit crisis in Belgium, the 2008 government formation, the nursery killings in Dendermonde). Next, we conduct ethnographic interviews and fieldwork among some of the stakeholders in the news production process concerning Flanders: foreign correspondents, journalists, institutions and socioeconomic government agencies.

Principal researchers: Bram Vertommen & Tom Van Hout (Hogent)
Advisory committee: Stefania Marzo, Patrick Goethals & Liesbeth De Bleeker (Hogent), Geert Jacobs & Ellen Van Praet (UGent)

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15 12 2009

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