how to swim faster

31 03 2008

Professor Toussaint is droppin’ swimming science at the Swimming Research Center at the Free University of Amsterdam. This simple formula for example explains propelling efficiency. Any questions?

In practice, swimming efficiently looks something like this, NASA designed Speedo wetsuit swimsuit or not.

Appletree Smoothies, vol. 3

31 03 2008

A dope mix courtesy of Lefto, Belgium’s premier selector. Go on, spoil ur iPod and feast your ears on some Sotu & Aïscha flava. Introspective research has shown that head nodding invariably ensues when listening to Blu & Mainframe, aka Johnson & Jonson.


01. Johnson & Jonson – Listen Baby
02. Ben Westbeech – Untitled
03. Hayzee – Deadly Videogame
04. Javaanse Jongens – On You
05. Flying Lotus – Juicy Revenge
06. Johnson & Johnson – The Only Way
07. Ntjamrosie – Insights
08. Nelson & Djosa – Disney Daisy Dolls of Digging Dungeons & Dicks 2
09. Nelson & Djosa – Last Celebration of White India
10. Sotu the Traveller – Winter
11. Kev Brown – Ohio
12. Erykah Badu – Honey (Instrumental)
13. Erykah Badu – My People
14. Erykah Badu – Soldier
15. Sotu The Traveller – Chopstick
16. Louis Bordeaux – A Gift (For Y´all Mc´s)
17. Beau Love – Peach
18. Sotu & Aischa – Give it to Me
19. The Roots – Get Busy (Short)
20. FS Green – Pause
21. Dorian Concept – Fort Teen
22. Hudson Mohawke – Untitled
23. Nelson & Djosa – Fufi Fufi Fu Fo (Spiral of Resilience)
24. Ntjamrosie – Soul Life Music
25. Nelson & Djosa – The Dawning
26. Frank n Dank – Spitkicker (Daz-i-Kue Remix)
27. Dr. Kwest – National Anthem
28. Top Secret Artist – Top Secret Track
29. Javaanse Jongens – The Rhytm Stick
30. Jaylib – No Toke (Hayzee Remix)

Think twice: it’s Soul Sunday

30 03 2008

Rain or shine, Donald Byrd‘s Think twice is a tune that floats my boat. A suave, balanced and blissful Blue Note record for the ages. A sublime trumpet and sax combo highlights the male-female vocals. Dig in.

Donald Byrd – Think twice (Blue Note, 1975)

Buy on Amazon or sample (in lower quality) on zshare.

The rose garden of Spa (le rosier spadois)

29 03 2008

Le rosier is a monster: 5500m of mental and physical exhaustion. A highly recommended climb just outside of downtown Spa. Even though there’s some fan-tas-tic cycling to be had in the south of Belgium, tomorrow in a few hours I’ll venture into the cobblestoned hell of Flanders for more carbon-induced lactic acid.

and now, for your listening pleasure

29 03 2008 

Spa treatment

27 03 2008

I’m about to escape to Spa for some cycling in the rain and downtime with my missus. Fired up the iPod with some unpresumptuous hip hop from the soul, de la that is. No bitties in my BK lounge.

Le plaisir de se voir imprimé

26 03 2008

This special issue grew out of a panel discussion at the 2005 IPrA conference in lovely Riva del Garda. It was my first conference as a PhD student. The reviewing process was painstakingly slow – 21 months to be exact – but rewarding, eventually.

Transit Ostende

25 03 2008

Sometimes you strike online gold: Transit Ostende, an ethnographic documentary of Marvin Gaye’s home away from cocaine in Ostende. Thanks to Lloyd @ on point for being on point.

Spring resolution

24 03 2008

Write, sleep, train: these are my three priorities for the next 5 months. For once, I will resist the temptation of procrastination in an effort to churn out as many PhD chapters/papers as possible, either on location (Ghent, Lake Donk, Milan, Oxford, Zomergem) or at home. I’m gunning for 4 weekdays of (ahem) unbridled creativity, focus and productivity. Regular training, cooking and family time sessions should counter the side effects of frustration, absentmindedness and moodswings. And if that doesn’t help, I’ll resort to wine, music & nookie, in no particular order.

Picture taken by Jos D. at the Olympia Natuurloop. I competed in the 4k race. Clean fun in lousy weather conditions.

Onda Sonora goes bang

24 03 2008

If the promo mix is any indication, this party should be bangin’.