Back by dope demand

31 07 2008

One more race. Spur of the moment decision. Am itchin’ for some race vibes after having organized my own race. A non-drafting, Olympic distance race in Viersel on Sunday 31 August it is. Own the moment. Seize the day. Burn that fat. But first, a week of coastal relaxation.

Untitled picture by Flickrs TheBrandbuilder

Untitled picture by Flickr's TheBrandbuilder

Media discourse galore

31 07 2008

Want proof that the inter/transdisciplinary study of news production and news discourse is en vogue? Look no further than the following textbooks which, taken together, nicely reflect the wealth of perspectives and traditions on the topic. All books presented below have been published between 2006 and 2008.

Written by former ace blogger John E. Richardson, Analysing Newspapers provides a very lucid account of Critical Discourse Analysis in the tradition of Norman Fairclough. A sample chapter is available (.doc) on John’s website, as is a review by Mary Hogarth.

A very timely addition to the long-standing research tradition of news production sociology. The book comes with a blog and opens with a useful appraisal of newsroom ethnography.

Based on discourse analysis of television and radio news interviews, this book illustrates how presentational formats are changing. The discourse of broadcast news has been shortlisted by BAAL for their 2008 book prize.

This book is divided into two parts. Part 1 can be read as a broad introduction to the critical analysis of media language. Part 2 focuses on social interaction among and with production and audience communities.

  • David Machin & Sarah Niblock (2006) News Production: Theory and Practice. Routledge.

Drawing on ethnographic case studies of journalists at work, this book provides a sociological analysis of journalistic theory and practice. A review can be found here.

Madlib does Motown

30 07 2008

A must have. Get it while you can. Thanks, Lefto.

Madlib by Hannes M.

Madlib by Hannes M.

Read the press

28 07 2008

In what follows, a selection of media articles and blog posts about our second race. But first, a massive thank you to our corporate, institutional and logistical partners for making the event possible. And to the core crew of David, Jeroen, Kurt, Pieter, Joris, Jerre & Wendy: you rock.

Race previews:

Race reports:

TriKa 2.0

27 07 2008

10 months of preparation. 2 days of playing Bob the builder. 1 transition area. 1 VIP area. 2 bouncy castles. 1 large, sweaty registration tent. 286 registered athletes. 216 competitors. 193 finishers. 100kg of bananas, apples and oranges. More Kossaat than you can imagine. 2 fantastic winners in Sofie Goos and Marc Geerts. 50ish budding triathletes (age 6-12) crossed the finish line. Race results (.pdf) and 1,159 race pics online. 3 very tired race organizers hope to see all 2,000 of you again in 2009.

Dego in the mix

23 07 2008

Stumbled on this nice lil’ mix by 4Hero‘s Dego. Dig it.

Race report: Aarschot

21 07 2008

Sore bliss. That’s how I would describe my post-race feeling in Aarschot yesterday. I enjoyed the race tremendously, despite lousy weather conditions and not so perfect pre-race time management. Bought a new race top 60 minutes before the start, placed my running shoes in T2, ate, cycled to T1 in the pouring rain and swam to the start. 5 minutes later, off we went. Read the rest of this entry »

My kinda bag lady

18 07 2008

Gent Jazz Fest. Erykah Badu. Time to break out the superlatives. My favorite analogue girl in a digital world gave a superb show and then some. Erykah played for two hours and was on top of her inimitable game throughout. What a stage presence. What a natural performer. What a sound. Loved how she turned songs like Appletree, I want you and on & on inside out and still made them sound dope. She even gets away with talkin’ social theory during Soldier. Quality entertainment. Peace and love, y’all. Peace and love.

Picture by Thomas Verfaille

PhD retreat

17 07 2008

If international mobility is the sine qua non in academia, then surely, interprovincial mobility should get me somewhere. That’s why I’m now in deep under cover in Zomergem, my PhD home away from home. I’m housesitting, reading and writing as if my life depended on it. May the forces of entextualization be with me. Roy Ayers is.

Sunset over Zomergem by Hautacam

Mijn buurt by Jasper Van Gestel

16 07 2008

I dare you not to become addicted to Jasper’s video dairy.