A Marvin Gaye ‘audiobiography’

5 10 2009

Jimmy Green, I salute you. You’ve made an instant classic mixtape of Marvin Gaye gems, audio snippets, blends and beats. You call it an ‘audiobiography’, I call it a masterpiece. ‘After the Dance’ featuring Biggie? Damn right. Thanks for this, Jimmy. Download. Spread the word. Dance.




3 responses

5 10 2009

Thanks for this, Great post.

7 10 2009
Jimmy Green

Yo man, I appreciate your comment! That’s made me smile. Thank you for reposting my mix, and I’m truly glad that you enjoyed it.

8 10 2009
Tom Van Hout

Absolutely love the audio snippets, some of which are brand new to me. Also love the reggae version of Sexual Healing. Thanks again, Jimmy.

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