Soul sunday has the dirty lowdown

19 10 2008

With the economy on the verge of collapsing and an aching back keeping me awake, my soul sunday ramblings provide a convenient means of escapism. This week’s edition celebrates a sample evergreen by a 1970s pop rock artist with a disco twist. As Thomas Ryan writes, Boz Scaggs’ Lowdown has “an ebb and flow that made it sound positively natural, both on and off the dance floor”. Amen!

Boz Scaggs – Lowdown (Columbia, 1976)



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19 10 2008

Boz Scaggs! Nice. Speaking of a collapsing economy, here’s another thematic song by Scaggs. You’ve probably heard it, but it’s one of my all-time favs of his. Great bluesy organ solo.

“Loan Me A Dime”

19 10 2008
Tom Van Hout

Love it. Thanks for the tip – was not familiar with this Scaggs song.

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