Race report: Viersel

31 08 2008

My season finale took place in off-the-beaten-track Viersel, the scene for a classic non-drafting race north of Antwerp. Strange 2-wave race format: ladies, U23 and masters in wave 1 at 11:30am, seniors (U35) in wave 2 at 3:30pm. The sun was out, the crowd was not. I showed up in okay shape, sleep deprived as usual but at 83.6kg, lighter than normal, despite an irregular 34hour training month.

My race did not go well. Having forgotten my race gels in the car, I made it to the swim start just in time. So much for warming up. My previous race swims were subpar, so I upped my pooltime this past week to work on technique and speed. Despite a so-so feel in the water and a couple of irritating leg grabbers, I managed a 23:40 swim. A quick T1 later and I was on the bike course, spot on the 25′ mark.

That’s when the misery started. I never got a rhythm going, nor was I able to hang on. The second of two laps brought more wind, so I ducked down on my handlebars and gave it my irregular all. 1:08:27 later, I ran out of T2, my heart rate racing. Too bad I wasn’t. Comatose 5 minute kilometers was all I could manage as I was overtaken by one nimble runner after the other. I could taste the frustration as I crossed the finish line in 2:21:30, placing 85th out of a 158 finishers. Race results here.

Conclusion: I competed in two out of three disciplines. This is getting old. Maybe I should take up a more explosive sport. Ladder racing, anyone?

Anyway, tri season nr. 3 is in the books, on to season nr. 4. Here’s to competing in all three disciplines.



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