Soul Sunday pretends

27 01 2008

…I didn’t slash my thumb last night at a Mediterranean cooking workshop and focus on a ‘simply sublime’ track as Soul-Sides so rightly observed. Released in 1974 by former aircraft mechanic Bill ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ Withers, Can we pretend is one of those hard to find and forgotten soul classics that just makes sense. Lyrically and musically.

I discovered this tune on ?uestlove’s otherworldly babies makin’ babies compilation, the brilliance of which cannot be overstated. The good people at BBE have sold out their entire stock (guess who bought the last copy?) but have released (and apparently sold out too, damn it) volume II.

Preview this week’s Soul Sunday track at BBE or download at zshare.


can I flip it?

26 01 2008

Memo to self: master the flip turn. Stop imitating flailing bird using hands and arms to get around.

Must educate self and practice, practice, practice.

the secret to a fast bike split is…

24 01 2008

a teardrop helmet and body position. Here are some lab notes from the boys at the MIT wind tunnel:

80% of all the power a cyclist outputs goes into overcoming air resistance (the other 20% goes into rolling resistance, accelerating the rider and bike, etc.).
Roughly 75-80% of aerodynamic drag is due to the rider and only 20-25% is due to the equipment (bike, wheels, helmet, etc.).

And also:

A common misconception about equipment is that of the order of aerodynamic importance for aero-gear. Most think that the frame matters the most, wheels next, and helmet last. Some even think that the components come before the helmet. In reality, a well designed aero-helmet will save you more time (power) than anything else. The drag difference between a vented road helmet and an aero-helmet is 2-4 times larger than the difference between a good aero-wheelset and a 32-spoked wheelset.

In other words, if you want to go faster on the bike without investing in a TT bike, buy an aerohelmet (and learn to live with the ridicule of wearing one) and refine your body position.

Found on PezCyclingNews via

“one trader, responsible for plain vanilla futures hedging”

24 01 2008

In their coverage of the ‘unprecedented’ Société Générale trading fraud scandal, Belgian quality newspapers De Standaard and De Tijd are linking the original SocGen press release. A move I applaud and one you see rarely. It is an unwritten rule of (financial) journalism that press releases are an important news source that is seldom acknowledged.

Running press releases unedited is usually seen as a way for newspapers to signal that the news has been censored. In this case however, it is exactly the opposite: not only is the source credited, but it is also reproduced verbatim in an effort to guarantee its authenticity.

whisker wonder

23 01 2008

webfinds: ffffound

23 01 2008
sights to behold (and share).

Lakers sign DJ MBenga

22 01 2008
Your favorite NBA player has just signed a 10-day contract with the LA Lakers! Wait a minute. Didier and the triangle offense? Er…does the LA coaching staff know what they’re in for?

Update: In his first game as a Laker, Didier played 5 garbage minutes (2 reb, 1 st, 2 bl) but did manage to win the 18,997 sellout crowd over by blocking a buzzer shot that held the opposing Nuggets to 99 points, sending the crowd home with two free tacos from a fast-food chain. Sweet.