Atom tha Immortal is down with G-d

4 03 2009

It’s raining today, I’ve got a cold, I’m struggling with a text revision and the house reeks of fresh paint. On the positive side, Truth & Soul Records are giving away a free catalogue sampler. Once the emusic site is operational again, you can download 12 soulful tracks for free.

What’s more, with the launch of Laid Back Radio, captures the media life Zeitgeist. Easy to install, run and use, this player makes sense. For anyone with an interest in urban music, this is the way forward.

In other news, Barbara Forrester’s lecture yesterday introduced me to the music of Atom tha Immortal,  the world’s first (and only?) Intelligent Design rapper. Witness the lyrical fitness in Achilles.

Apocalyptic G-d presence/
Feeling the fire of G-d’s essence/
You need Rosetta Stones to unlock my poem’s message/
Born in a body of sand since early dawn/
Adam spawned genetic code of early on/

For your information, “early dawn” is some 7,000 years ago, when “G-d” created the earth, and man in his image. I have always had a soft spot for politically self-conscious hip hop, but not for conservative, blinded-by-religion pseudo-science. In what follows, Atom attempts to “leave Darwinian fish bleeding”.

Wounds of Darwinian Theory will never heal/
Once the population finds Intelligent Design/
Enzymes hold the signs of a Divine Mind/
Darwinian speculation is useless/
To explain emergence/
Of cellular machines below the surface/
Seeing Specified Complexity points to a purpose/
Of a system of integrated parts/
Excluding chance as part/
Of how it could ever start/
I speak with truth and in reason/
But whether you believe or not/
We leave Darwinian fish bleeding/

This is beyond unintentional comedy, this is a travesty. Speaking of travesties, check out this Discovery Institute promo video. It features all of the ‘leading men’ of this anti-evolution think tank. Fascinating, professional propaganda.