The kinda love that stays around

24 12 2008

Jazzanova – Let me show ya (Verve, 2008)

Promise and potential always tantalize

23 12 2008

Sonic bliss by J-nova & Ben Westbeech

17 11 2008

Jazzanova’s official videoclip for their second single: I can see (feat. Ben Westbeech). Quality entertainment, just like their album Of all the things. Highly anticipated, and every bit as good as expected.

Breathe easy lovers: 17 days to go

7 10 2008

I’m buying this album the instant it comes out on October 24. iTunes won’t let me buy it on their German store. Puta Steve Jobs. Jazzanova is right up there with musical favorites such as Erykah Badu and A Tribe Called Quest. Quality music from Berlin, ja. Europe’s coolest (party) city.