The future of news? Bricks-and-clicks

25 10 2009

The latest trend for ailing news organizations is to adopt a bricks-and-clicks business model. What with evaporating advertising revenues, news organizations such as Corelio in Belgium are dipping their toes in online retailing. For instance, just last week Het Nieuwsblad launched their, hoping to lure their readers into buying wine, DVDs and books.


Print versus online news consumption

5 07 2009

I’m ranking this quote under “wish I had read this sooner”.

Paper newspapers are hard to hold, hard to fold, hard to move around in (”cont’d on page E35″), smelly, smudgy, static (no video), unlinked, and wasteful. At the moment, the replacement readers are over-priced, under-sized, static, black and white, and barely-linked. But over time that’ll change, and when it does, I don’t think we’ll mourn papers for long.

David Weinberger