Brussels is a boogie wonderland

12 12 2009

I find romance when I start to dance in boogie wonderland

Wholly recommended: Strictly Niceness @ La Bodega. Your monthly shindig.


Strictly Niceness: 7 years of funk

10 06 2009

Raising the bar in our nation’s capital once again, it’s strictly niceness’ 7th anniversary. Great line-up, lovely concept. Highly recommended.

Monday niceness: DJ Kwak’s Motown mix

26 01 2009

Back to niceness is the musical brainchild of DJ Kwak and 72 Soul, two cats from Brussels whose multilingual radioshow kicks off your Saturday evening on FM Brussels. This week, they’re celebrating Motown’s musical legacy of with a fine selection of soul classics. Aaahhhh, listen everybody…

Listen online or download here. Tracklist after the jump.

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