Carboloaded and ready to run

14 11 2009

‘Twas the night before my marathon debut, when all through the house, the energy gels lay stacked, waiting to be digested. At the break of dawn tomorrow, I will attempt to eat a loaf of white bread with strawberry jam, followed by water, energy gels and carbosnacks. Yum-my.

Marathon nutrition plan




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14 11 2009
Jan en Sophia


15 11 2009

Is it tomorrow?? Good luck and finish upright 😛 I did 18 miles today and had some of the same stuff- I use the double caffeine- latte- Powergel…mmmm…I also had penne pasta last night and plenty of water. However, I did not eat a loaf of bread… It was 75 degrees when I finished my run this morning with 89% humidity…come on…it’s freakin November and I should not be sweating so much 😦 I did finish with the usual aches and pains but I have a 20 miler next Saturday. Start slowly and build and do negative splits…and have fun!

15 11 2009
Tom Van Hout

Thanks Sandy! It was quite an experience. I’m looking for a linguistics conference in Texas so we can go running/cycling together. All the best and good luck next week.

PS: powergels taste like feet

15 11 2009

Good luck Tom!

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