A keynote lecture on body & work literacy

11 11 2009

Monday rush. I’m supposed to skip
but I just found Sunday in your hips

It sounds too good to be true. A Marxist hip hop band from Oakland, California. How could I have slept on The Coup? Especially when Boots shares his insights on “the study of how bodies may be tossed and folded”:

Thoughts wrangled up, legs tangled up,
baby do this feel good angled up?
Can’t be expressed by a sangle fuck
Wanna gently caress it and bang it up

I could wax poetic about this track, but That Good Good really nails it:

[Boots] flips a paradoxical metaphor with a claustrophobic outside and a universe under the weight of his girl and then thoughts of “lost aerobics” are oddly accompanied by a double time handclap creating a mini flamenco-fire with a [Stevie] Wonder-esque harmonica meandering over it. Suddenly his sex/work debate spurs a thought of burning his workplace down if not allowed to head home by 5:02. He taps into a working-class disgust of not getting paid for every second he has to be in service to the boss. Strings come in as he struggles to make his decision. At least the cymbals of the trap set and symbols of the political set (a Jesse Jackson? speech reiterates Day’s query) combine to make beautiful music together…

Those strings. Oh those strings.

The Coup – I just wanna lay around all day in bed with you (Epitaph, 2006)

Download if you really must, spend a buck if you like quality music.

[H/T: Orsii, aka lil’ miss sunshine on LDBK]




One response

11 11 2009

Haha! I am so happy you like this track, as I absolutely love it too! THIS is why I love doing my shows, and why I feel so blessed to have listeners like you! Hope all is well. Much love and sunshiine from London. Orsi xx

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