R.I.C.E. and hope for the best

4 11 2009

Managed to injure myself during an LSD run Monday afternoon, 11 days before my scheduled marathon debut. It’s my first endurance sports related injury since I picked up triathlon four years ago. Today’s sonogram confirmed my worst fears: I have a small (0.8mm) tear in my right-leg hamstring muscles (biceps femoris). I’m on a strict R.I.C.E. diet this week and hope to be able start (and finish) the race on November 15.




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5 11 2009
bob rodriguez

Wow, sorry to hear. Behave and heal. I guess it is time to get back in the pool with the leg buoys — fitness retained with zero leg strain PLUS extra energy burned off without annoying the family. 🙂

6 11 2009

I feel your pain- had my first running injury this summer- tear at the common hamstring attachment to the right ischial tuberosity- at butt bone 😦 Injured it doing sprints… No running for 6 weeks but I was able to cycle 2 weeks in Tuscany 🙂 Now I have piriformis syndrome and have therapy/treatment twice a week. My “last” marathon is Dec 12…hope to make it to the start and finish line. Good luck and be careful…speed kills…

6 11 2009
Tom Van Hout

@Bob: swam 30′ today. Hamstrings felt great. Plan to cycle tomorrow and on Sunday. And get another sonogram next week. Fingers crossed.
@Sandy: piriformis syndrome. i have just learned something new. does this mean you won’t running anymore (post Dec. 12)?

Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.

8 11 2009
bob rodriguez

My admiration to the both of you. Train safely. Get healthy. Sending positive karmic vibes to you.

15 11 2009
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