Print versus online news consumption

5 07 2009

I’m ranking this quote under “wish I had read this sooner”.

Paper newspapers are hard to hold, hard to fold, hard to move around in (”cont’d on page E35″), smelly, smudgy, static (no video), unlinked, and wasteful. At the moment, the replacement readers are over-priced, under-sized, static, black and white, and barely-linked. But over time that’ll change, and when it does, I don’t think we’ll mourn papers for long.

David Weinberger




2 responses

7 07 2009

I’m about 70 percent in agreement with David.

My main points of difference are:

1. I don’t want video. I REALLY don’t want video. Unless I’m looking for it, then I want now.

2. Want better screen resolution and no flicker so my eyes don’t get tired. This is the electronic reader killer as far as I’m concerned.

3. I have a fear of technological lock-in. A news reader has to be open technology. Imagine buying a reader from one newspaper company that is locked only to that firm’s content?

7 07 2009
Tom Van Hout

Thanks, Bill. Screen resolution & platform independence are indeed vital. As for video, I think/hope/expect that mode of presentation will become a choice (setting), along with automatic/manual updating, content filtering/aggregation, power options, security, etc.

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