Anattitude mag asks what is hip hop?

3 07 2009

Anattitude is “the first and only existing international Hip Hop magazine on print, to present the female side of Hip Hop culture” and they’re asking what hip hop means to you.

Three thoughts. First, a print only mag? Why sell yourself short that way? You have a website. Use it! Second, female representation in hip hop: yes, yes, yes. Hip hop needs strong female voices. I’m all for this. Three, what does hip hop mean to me? I see it as a quintessentially global cultural artform that is now larger than nation, race, gender, language and religion.


write us, what does Hip Hop mean to you?

Every statement will be printed in the next Anattitude issue (#4) and the best ones will be printed on tees to accompany the next issue.

How to contribute?

1. fill out this PDF by hand
2. scan the whole sheet of paper
3. send back (with 300 dpi) to: contact(at) until the 5th of july 2009
4. write in the mail: your name/ your profession / where you live

Please spread “Hip Hop is…” to everybody in the Hip Hop world (male/female, every genre of HH) … we want to hear ALL your messages, your love for Hip Hop!

[via @LaidBackRadio]




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