Twitter pros & cons for journalism

29 06 2009

Twitterjournalism‘s Craig Kanalley lists the advantages and disadvantages of twitter for journalism. I love how eyewitness accounts – formerly one of the claims to authority by professional journalists – is now a public good.


  • Instantaneous, “realtime”
  • Potential to grow audience
  • Many different voices and perspectives
  • Worldwide use
  • Tip service
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Free to use
  • Raw, no editing, no filters
  • Democratizes the news
  • Links for more information


  • Verification issues
  • Limiting – 140 characters at a time
  • Not ubiquitous – technology issues for 3rd world countries/poor
  • Rumors, misinformation, especially during breaking news
  • Government censorship
  • Means of propaganda
  • Lack of analysis, deeper meaning
  • Presence of spam, worm attacks
  • Questions of accountability, intentions
  • Squatters and fake accounts



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