Globalized emotions:

22 06 2009

Am doing backflips over Judy Sims’ presentation about new media economics. She draws mainly on Havas Media Lab’s Umair Haque (whom I had not heard of previously, thanks Judy). In Media 2.0, abundance rules supreme, as opposed to scarcity in Media 1.0. This abundance creates endless niches which can snowball (a crucial word) into mega niches.

Judy talks about 3 types of snowball triggering entities: smart aggregators, micro-platforms, and

Re-constructors – Sites that take the micro-media chunks and reconstruct them into something of new value.  My favourite example of this is We Feel Fine, …

Go ahead. Click the link. Wait for the application to load and enjoy this “artwork authored by everyone“. Re-entextualization. That’s what’s up.




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22 06 2009

Any ideas why she is not using It is very Media 1.0 to have to download this presentation. 😉

Btw, Umair Haque’ideas may be interesting to start with, but please do not forget Lanham’s “Economics of Attention”. One of my best reads ever on the subject of new media.

22 06 2009
Tom Van Hout

cheers, jordi. i’ll be sure to read up on Lanham. tnx for the tip.

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