Fight the power: tweet for Iran

17 06 2009

If you use Twitter, then this idea may be of interest. I’ve followed suit. The people of Iran hope you will too. Disclaimer: I have no idea whether this will make a difference, but I’ll try my chances.

There’s a move afoot to support Iran’s democratic forces via twitter. If you use twitter, change your twitter time zone setting to GMT +3.30 and your location to Tehran. State-run security services are searching for people blogging about the current events, so if more people switch it will be more difficult to ID the actual bloggers.

(via Mark Peterson’s Facebook)




2 responses

25 06 2009
bob rodriguez

The world is watching this one. The new rhetoric from their leadership is pretty amazing in the face of the millions on tweets & such coming from the populace. It’s particularly important to me as my girlfriend (and ironically, my ex-girlfriend) is Persian, as is much of my personal community here in the Washington DC area.

My personal “favorites” are: (1) there is no serious improprietary in the vote count because the districts were the votes counted were greater than registered voters were only in 50 of 350 districts (rather than 80-150 districts claimed) and (2) the young woman Neda was probably shot as a “mistake” because the “marksman” might have thought she was the sister of a guy we executed the month prior. Gotta love the rule of law… I am the law so I make the rules.

26 06 2009
Tom Van Hout

Point taken, Bob. It is hard to fathom what is going exactly in Iran – and how little we know of the atrocities.

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