Rage against the dying of the light

13 06 2009

I believe it was Noam Chomsky who once said: “it’s better to be right than consistent”. And so I’ve decided to submit my PhD after the summer – it needs more work and time. The good news is that I can now rediscover some of life’s other joys, such as triathlon. Since I can no longer get a refund for my Brugge and Brasschaat registrations, I’ve decided to start in those two races.

Did a 1h45 LSD run to see where I stand conditioning wise. The goal was to run a consistent, comfortable 5:45/km pace. Mission accomplished. Knowledge gained: it’s going to be a slow, painful death in Brasschaat. I reckon my current fitness level should enable me to lay it down in Brugge (race goal: 2:15:00) and finish in Brasschaat (race goal: run across the finish line with my children).




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