A love remedy by way of New Zealand

5 06 2009

I could fume at De Morgen‘s latest personnel move (pure blasphemy!), but why bother when there are other aesthetic pleasures to be had online. Ladies and gentleman, meet angel-voiced Lisa Preston. Lisa hails from Wellington, New Zealand and describes herself on soundcloud as a

Vocalist, licensing guru, selector for laidback radio belgium, maker of fine risottos, dodgy bootlegs and part time obsessive succulent grower…..holla!

If that doesn’t stir your drink, then try your hand at Lisa’s brand of Love Remedy.

Lisa Preston – Love Remedy (prod by Weedy – 40 Winks) (unreleased)

This unreleased single (why, oh Lisa, why?) once again attests to the creative possibilities of media technologies. Love Remedy was produced by Weedy from the Antwerp-based instrumental hip hop duo 40 Winks and is just one of her ‘worldwide’ efforts. Check out this April 2009 mix and read up on Lisa and her EP on laid-back.be.




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8 06 2009

just a little note to say thank U so much for the lovely comments on your blog, much appreciated ! So glad u like what u hear ! Hopefully love remedy might just make it out on vinyl soon, so i will keep you posted, big luvs from NZ xxxx

8 06 2009
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11 06 2009
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26 07 2009
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