Print journalism as emotion, on weekends

30 05 2009

At last month’s European Newspaper Congress, Juan A. Giner and Mario Garcia introduced their so-called 30/30 model of print journalism. Basically, it’s what The Economist has been doing for some time now: an online, 24/7 news hub and a high quality print news mag on weekends, focusing on analysis and opinion.

Giner calls this ‘news caviar’ (as opposed to ‘news porridge’ I guess): an aesthetically pleasing, selective and easy to read, pocket sized newszine, written in a crisp, ‘newsy’ fashion. My takeaway from all this: journalism is here to stay. The medium is changing. That’s all. Is there still a market for print journalism? I think so, but not for the newspapers we know today. You know, the ones that regurgitate yesterday’s news or that ‘please politicians’.




2 responses

8 06 2009

Ik heb enkel de eerste slideshow bekeken. Ik vind het nogal weinig onderbouwd. Blits, dat wel, en een fan van 30/30, maar voor de rest, weinig waarom’s (of zaten die in de presentatie)?

8 06 2009
Tom Van Hout

Nee dat niet, maar het laat wel zien wat er mogelijk is. Now is the time to experiment. Veel productiever dan dat ‘journalism is dead’ discours, een zeer vermoeiend en self-defeating idioom.

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