Brownswood Bubblers Vol. 4

28 05 2009

This has been on my mind for some time now: when will the good people at Brownswood Recordings turn out another Brownswood Bubblers compilation? Apparently, it’s in the works and Lisa Papineau’s Rene Thomas (listen on her MySpace) will be one of the tracks on the album. I needed this news.




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28 07 2009
Brownswood Bubblers Vol. 4 « Tom Van Hout

[…] So Maybe No 2. Souleance – Mañana 3. yU – Fine 4. El Michels Affair – Shimmy Shimmy Ya 5. Lisa Papineau – Rene Thomas 6. The Misled Children & Odean Pope – Dadadun 7. Kafka – The Kafka Anthem 8. Oumou Sangaré […]

25 08 2009
BwB4: delightfully obscure ditties « Tom Van Hout

[…] 25 08 2009 I’ve been anticipating the release of Brownswood Bubblers 4 for quite some time now and here it is now, available on Brownswood and iTunes. De-lish. Forging ahead with the […]

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