Race report: 7 van Kettelo time trial

25 05 2009

The 7 van Kettelo is an annual gentleman’s time trial over a rolling 7km course in Asse. I enjoy competing in this race because of the atmosphere, the challenging course and the heart-warming effort put in by disabled tricycle racers. So far, I’ve competed twice in this race.

In 2007, I placed 12th (81 finishers) in a time of 10:35,93 (average speed: 39,63 km/h). In 2008, I placed 10th overall (68 finishers) in a time of 10:28,59 (average speed: 40,13 km/h). This year, my goal was a new PB.

Having trained irregularly this week, I didn’t quite know what to expect. The good news was that I did manage (i) to mount my aerobars without damaging my new bike or hurting myself in the process and (ii) to squeeze in a recon ride on Friday night to try out some corners at top speed (love it!) and in the aero position (scary!).

I would like to tell you my official race time this year, but since there was no electronic time registration, the referees opted for manual time registration. 200m before the finish, I caught up with the racer who had started in the 2 minute interval before me. He completed the course in 12:21,74. Somehow, the referees did not see me cross the finish line. Go figure. I hate sore losers as much as anybody else, but can’t help feeling a bit cheated. Anyhow, I placed 8th this year (73 finishers) in a fictitious time of 0:10:27,627 (average speed: 40,19 km/h). Mission accomplished. Sort of.




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