Race report: Dendermonde sprint

18 05 2009

NewsTalk&Text is more than just a research group; we’re also weekend warriors with a triathlon racing pedigree. That’s why we’re (finally) renaming NT&T to NewsTalk&Triathlon. Multidisciplinarity, that’s what’s up.

Tired of writing, I was looking for a race this weekend. The half distance in Leuven was a bit too much, but a recreational sprint in Dendermonde was just what the doctor ordered. And to my surprise, I got my fellow NT&T’ers to compete as well.

The race was organized by a local high school and brought out many students and first time racers. All good fun. I don’t want to knock the race organizers (all hard-working teachers and volunteers), but the bike leg was dangerous. Let’s see, small, winding roads with parked cars and traffic (!!!), turns on gravelly soil, a maze like passage on the school playground and – worst of all – the bike course was designed in such a way that you crossed paths with the other competitors. I’m a pretty confident rider, but this was unheard of.

Nevertheless, I had fun. I swam so so (475m in 7:20) but ran ‘turrible’ as Charles Barkley would say (5.3k in 24:19), especially the first lap off the bike. My fellow NT&T’ers had fun too and placed first in their relay race age group. Congratulations Ellen, Geert and Thomas. I placed third in the individual race (a whopping 6 minutes behind first place Tomas Mannaert) out of … 13 finishers. Gotta love it.  Next weekend, I’m competing in the 7 van Kettelo time trial with my new race monster, intent on breaking my previous PB.




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