A room with a lakeside view

19 04 2009

During the past week, I’ve enjoyed the rare luxury of working in quiet solitude. On the lake shores of the Donkmeer – resort town on weekends, ghost town on weekdays – writing conditions have never been better for me.  No schedules, emails or meetings to distract me and plenty of scenic riverside towpaths to cycle (Appels!) or run on.

Such a privilege merits an epic track. I am the black gold of the sun is quite simply one my all-time favorite songs, and 4 Hero’s remix of Nuyorican Soul’s rendition of the Rotary Connection classic (yes, it’s that deep) is the version I like best. In essence, 4 Hero seduce with layers of

subtle harp arpeggios leading into the three-minute mark followed by the sparkling electric piano beneath the strings, all working together to set up that drum break.

(Breath of life)

“That drum break” refers to the jungle drums breakbeat three minutes into the remix, adding yet another layer to this musical masterpiece.

Nuyorican Soul – I am the black gold of the sun (4 Hero remix) (Raw Canvas, 2004)
Available on The Remix Album, Vol. 1 or at Loudersoft.com.




One response

16 05 2009

Orginal is infinately better to me, but it’s all subjective 🙂

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