NT&T working paper series: nrs 2-7

1 04 2009

In addition to NT&T’s position paper, six other working papers are now available for your perusal. I’m shamelessly plugging them here, along with a mini abstract. More papers will be added in the near future.

Nr. 2 Writing news at warp speed: the case of Apple TV
Tom Van Hout (Ghent University)
Henk Pander Maat (Utrecht University) &
Wim De Preter (De Standaard)

This paper is a case study of reproductive newswriting, i.e. writing from sources. We offer a multimethod writing process analysis of a news article announcing the product launch of Apple TV on the Belgian market. By combining interview data, keystroke logging data, frame and corpus analysis, we reconstruct the discursive strategies a senior business reporter employs as he writes a news article from a corporate press release.

Nr. 3 Press conferences on the Internet
Geert Jacobs (Ghent University)

This paper contributes to the study of the discursive mechanisms underlying news production by focusing on a novel and hybrid type of online press conference, i.e. one which allows for both live attendance and participation through the Internet.

Nr. 4 The impact of BBC production strategies on news discourse
Leon Barkho (Jönköping University)  &
John E. Richardson (Loughborough University)

This paper explores the production strategies of the BBC and the impact they exert on the corporation’s news output, namely the coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We argue that the newsroom strategies the BBC has in place for the reporting of this sensitive story help shape and inform the discursive and social practices of its discourse.

Nr. 5 Newspapers’ narratives based on wire stories facsimiles of input?
Lut Lams (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel)

Variation in news narratives can provide the empirical testing ground for investigating news production processes, such as selecting and adapting input stories from external sources. In taking a comparative approach this paper maps changes between final newspaper output and original input supplied by news agencies as well as differences in dealing with the same source material by various news groups.

Nr. 6 “There are two different stories to tell here”- TV journalists’ collaborative text-picture production strategies
Daniel Perrin (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel)

What do journalists do when they negotiate their work, solve their problems, and produce their multimodal news items? – In this article, a theoretical framework for analyzing newswriting processes as societal, organizational and individual activity is outlined and applied to one case study of a large ethnographic research project.

Nr. 7 Diversity awareness and the role of language in cultural representations in news stories
Colleen Cotter (Queen Mary, University of London)

To illustrate the relation of news reporting to values in the larger culture, I examine an aspect of US news coverage that is actively discussed within the profession: reporting on “diversity,” described as “issues of class, race, ethnicity, culture, abilities and sexual orientation” (Poynter Institute).




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