Classic R&B paradigms: Groove theory

29 03 2009

This song takes me back to my youth. Basketball and hip hop were all I lived for in the 1990s. The former was gaining momentum internationally, in no small part due to Team USA’s performance at the 92 Olympics, the latter was at the height of its popularity in the US, thanks to the gun totin’ weed smokin’ appeal of gangsta rap.

Soul music had discovered hip hop too. Artists like Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo and Erykah Badu started blending hip hop and soul in creative ways. Flying somewhat more under the radar, Groove Theory released this song in 1995. Romantic, yet slick and demure. A stone cold classic.

Groove Theory – Tell me (Epic 1995)

I could post this song online, but who cares about ownership when applications like these are being launched?



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