The art of journalism: Flemish folklore

23 03 2009

What is news? As the cliché goes, ‘dog bites man’ is not. However, ‘man bites dog’ is. This catchphrase is also the title of a popular, alternative news program on Flemish public television. Every weekday, ‘Man bijt hond‘ (Eng: Man bites dog) covers non-events in brilliant fashion. Here is one my favorite Man bijt hond stories: a mini documentary of a 72 year old man and his love of marbles. Insert your own boys and their toys joke.

Via Lise.



2 responses

26 03 2009

I’m a fan of this program too, Tom !!
Doesn’t this unforgettable clip make you wonder what you’ll be doing at 72… ?

26 03 2009
Tom Van Hout

Entertaining our grandchildren with stories about boys and toys. And print journalism, of course.

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