Like music to my ears: EASA e-seminar

17 02 2009

The Media Anthropology Network’s latest e-seminar is of particular interest to anyone with an interest in newsroom ethnography. These e-seminars take the form of email discussions, initiated by a nominated discussant’s comments on a working paper. The seminar closes March 3, 2009.

Jay Gabriel´s working paper is titled “Independence, Autonomy and Recursivity in a Journalistic Field.” and is available as a pdf document. The discussant is Per Stahlberg (sic). Here is Jay’s abstract.

Journalists in the United States, as elsewhere, train to resist influence. This interest is evident when they talk about their profession. This article concerns the relationship of journalistic ideals of independence to the broader autonomy of the journalistic field in the United States. It proposes a framework to understand the relevance of independence to autonomy that I have adapted from sociolinguistic studies. This work draws on participant observation and interviews with journalists in two U.S. cities.




One response

17 02 2009

Yes. Great site to watch. Shame they haven’t adopted something more user friendly than pdf documents.

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