To Daf and those kind people in Affligem

15 02 2009

With the triathlon season fast approaching, I’m focusing more on bike stamina. I cycled twice this weekend: an interval session on Saturday (3x (2x2km) @ race pace) and a 4h LSD ride on Sunday. My regular training route takes me from Londerzeel via Aalst to Ninove and back via Affligem, Ternat, Asse, Merchtem and the metropolis of Imde (pop. 17).

I make a habit of saluting Davide “the super super major blissful DAF” Petracca every time I go out for a run or a ride. His memorial sits right next to the spot where he committed suicide and never fails to grab me. Rest in peace.

Cycling is the ultimate stress-reliever, if you are fuelled up. Otherwise you inevitably hit the wall (or ‘bonk’) as I once again learned the hard way. I simply forget to bring food and so, two and a half hours into my ride, I bonked. Luckily, I came across some friendly folk in Affligem who kindly supplied a banana, water and energy gels. Apparently, their son was an amateur racer. Thank you very much indeed.




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