Refreshing like a shot of limoncello

9 02 2009

How about some churnalism?

Lucinda Slim is a singer/songwriter/DJ from London where she spins as the resident partner of Keb Darge at Madame JoJo’s. Lucinda Slim is an alter ego of Nia Saw, one of the main members of Zap Mama for over a decade. With her new band the Lone Stars, she is blessing us with a gorgeous soul 7″. “All This Time” is a deep but catchy soul tune produced by Belgian super producer Krewcial.

Lucinda Slim (by Tim Schnetgöke)

Lucinda Slim (by Tim Schnetgöke)

I’m supporting this artist anyway I can. Absolutely love the sound of “All this time“.




2 responses

27 02 2009

get some posted to fat city, manchester. been after this song for weeks!

27 02 2009
Tom Van Hout

I bought the song on iTunes last week because it was the easiest thing to do – the track has been on constant rotation ever since. Krewcial is the genius behind this song.


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