As seen on TV: gender stereotyping

5 02 2009

Gotta hand it to the producers of The Millionaire Matchmaker: every heteronormative gender stereotype rolled into one reality show.  Botox beauties by the dozens? Check. Perfectly mannered, well-spoken, deep-pocketed but lonely bachelors who have learned “not to rush things”? Check. Annoying hostess? Check. Social theorizing? Check.

In short, The Millionaire Matchmaker is every man’s dream come true: a 90-day, no-sex dating stage so you can really get to know your future ex-wife as you spoil her rotten. In return, she shows off her mommy skills by ironing your shirts, making dinner and dancing erotically (okay I made that up). ‘Non-millionaire men’ can also apply. They receive unlimited, all cavity access to premium, self-lubricating rubber models.




One response

7 02 2009

LOL Seems unmissable! but all cavity access? Sounds like they might also make good drug-smuggling mules!

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