Pinkslipped and in the shadows

19 01 2009

Coined by Businessweek columnist Jon Pine, the term shadow media refers to the budding media ‘industry’

created and staffed by those pink-slipped in ’08 and ’09. This sets the stage for epic clashes with existing players in ’10 and beyond.

To those who wonder ‘so what?’ (hi, mom!), shadow media reshuffle the cards once again. As the people formerly known as journalists continue to branch out, expect social media to gain even more prominence in shaping public understanding of local and global events.

As usual, Mark Deuze has the lowdown and throws the gauntlet at media scholars. Indeed, countless lines of inquiry are opened up by the emergence of shadow media. How do shadow media source news? Who reads their news? Who, if anybody, employs these shadow media? How can or should, news organizations compete?




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