Rabobank team etiquette

18 01 2009

In attempt to clean up pro cycling’s scandal ridden image, Team Rabobank is putting their riders on notice:  behave, or else! This season, the Pro Tour team is enforcing proper cycling etiquette (instead of complete pandemonium).

Violations range from the obvious, such as testing positive for party drugs (aka the Tom Boonen rule), to the absurd. How else can you describe a first offense €1,000 fine for unauthorized weblinks (‘ongeoorloofde weblinks’) ? Or a €1,000 fine for having a ‘guest’ in the hotel without permission? To my knowledge, Team Rabobank is the first pro sports team in history to ban bootie calls. Imagine such a rule in the NBA. The league would fold overnight.

If you read Dutch, the full list is available at Het Nieuwsblad (pdf).




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