2008 Anthropology blog awards

8 01 2009

Neuroanthropology.net,  a collaborative blog dedicated to anthropology, philosophy, social theory and the brain sciences, has published a round up of the best blog posts about anthropology in 7 categories: (1) Public Relevance; (2) Anthropological Vision; (3) Being Human; (4) Controversy, Commentary and Critique; (5) Empiricism and Scholarship, (6) Language; and (7) Blogging. Together these posts demonstrate the relevance of anthropology and make a wonderful excuse for procrastination.

I sneaked a peek at the language submissions and loved Greg Laden’s post on language ideologies, laughed at Ali G’s interview with Noam Chomsky, enjoyed Alexandre’s post on language ownership and marvelled at Mark Dingemanse’s post on ideophonic vocabulary. Buku buku is easily my new favorite word. The blogosphere, where quality happens (pace NBA).

Language by Shawn Eneco (flickr.com)

"Language" by Shawn Eneco (flickr.com)



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