2009 resolution: write, revise, train, submit, race, defend, rejoice, travel

29 12 2008

In 2009, I will submit and defend my PhD thesis. This will require time management, dedication, an epiphany or two and physical fitness. That’s why I’m looking to compete in endurance races which (a) fit into my PhD masterplan; (b) are conveniently located; and (c) do not interfere with my family’s summer plans. In other words, I’m gunning for a short race season in May and June, with some prep races in March and April and an early May training camp in Mallorca. My race goals for 2009 are:

  • March 29 < 42:30 @ 10k Pegasusloop Londerzeel
  • May 26 < 10:15 @ 7k Kettelo timetrial
  • May 31 < 1:40:00 @ 20k Brussels
  • June 20 < 2:15:00 @ OD Brugge (1000-45-10)
  • June 28 < 4:50:00 @ LD Triathlon Vlaanderen (2700-80-20)



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