Bringing sexy back: Buckenholt boogie

19 11 2008

My man Danny and I conquered Buggenhout Bos (BB, pictured below) this weekend with a spirited interval session. I won’t bore you with lap times or calorie expenditure. No no. Instead, I’m shifting into toponymical mode. My street cred just shot through the roof.

In any country, BB would be called a park, but in my neck of the woods (no pun intended), it’s labeled a forest. For due historic reasons, of course. Toponymically, Buggenhout derives from the Old-Saxon compound Buckenholt (from buka ‘beech’ and holt ‘wood, forest’). The earliest recorded use of this beech tree forest dates back to the 12th century. Back then, it measured approximately 470 ha (4,700,000 m²). Today, BB covers 151 ha (1,510,000 m²).

Judging from the number of laps, I figured we had covered most the forest. Thanks to Google Earth and my new toy, I now know better. Next time, I’ll venture into the other half. I wonder if people still speak Old Saxon there.




3 responses

19 11 2008
bob rodriguez

ok, now I can see how the silly Polar gadgetry pays dividends…to those of us not with you. Time to add a webcam to the bike. Very cool.

I sold my Garmin and all of its magnificient capabilities because all I ever did was look at the HR and topo charts from my rides. Never used its navigation or mapping features, never set zone workouts, blah blah… but I do have proof of a 197 HR (as I hit the ground / crashed on the descent from Passo Rolle….oops….ouch).

19 11 2008
Tom Van Hout

Point taken, Bob. What I like best about my new Polar is its convenience. The measurements are spot on and the software makes planning and analyzing training sessions much more manageable and insightful. 197 HR!? That’s a lot of lactic acid.

21 11 2008

Where is my car ???

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