The toy is mine: Polar RS800cx

15 11 2008

I have purchased the ultimate in triathlon gadgets: Polar’s flagship model, the RS800cx. It does everything except write a PhD. I bought the basic model for a painful 379 euros and then got a good deal on their state-of-the-art G3 GPS sensor. I can now google earth how fast I shower and update my Facebook status. A must have in my book.

The RS800cx really is a complete training tool. The software makes planning and analyzing training sessions a walk in the park. With a few running sessions under my belt, the measurements are spot on. Buy this training computer if you enjoy number crunching and don’t mind studying the manual. The possibilities are endless. An extensive product review can be found on Here’s what a training plan looks like in the software. Goal was to run 6×4 minute kilometers.




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19 11 2008
Bringing sexy back: Buckenholt boogie « Tom Van Hout

[…] from the number of laps, I figured we had covered most the forest. Thanks to Google Earth and my new toy, I now know better. Next time, I’ll venture into other half. I wonder if people still speak […]

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