Gilles’ American cousin: Bird Peterson

13 11 2008

I dunno how you like your mixtapes, but I like mine fresh, funky and diverse. Here’s a mixtape by Bird Peterson that meets all three criteria. Hip hop, electro & disco delights. Memo to self: always trust the dopeness of Dilated Choonz. Quietly blazing a trail through the blogosphere. Speaking of which, my veal-style-collectivism commute to work today was quite a sensation thanks to Bird’s quit touchin’. I challenge you not to dance to this track.

Bird Peterson – One Day Later Special Guest Mix


1. Boscoe – Introduction
2. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback (Jazzanova Remix)
3. Chuck Chillout – I’m Large
4. Cerebral Vortex – Patrick Ewing (Bird Peterson Remix)
5. Peter Gabriel – My Head Sounds Like That (Royksopp Mix)
6. Grovesnor – Drive Your Car (Bird Peterson Remix)
7. Rocksteady Crew – My Part Of Town
8. Beck – Broken Train
9. Rae & Christian – Bacalau
10. Mint Royale – Kenny’s Last Dance
11. New Edition – The Kinda Girls We Like
12. Break Machine – Breakdance Party (Bird Peterson’s Friday Night Edit)
13. Midnight Star – Midas Touch
14. Faze Action – Moving Cities
15. Freeez – I O U
16. NIN – Capitol G (Bird Peterson Edit Of A Switch Remix)
17. Crookers – Jetso
18. Ricky Stone – Shangai Taxi
19. Beck – Get Real Paid
20. Steve Miller – Abracadabra (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
21. Shena – Electrosexual
22. Solid Groove – This Is Sick (Bird Pete Remix)





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