Urban scubadiving @ Nemo33 in Brussels

3 11 2008

Dive nr. 16 is in the logbook. My last dive sucked bigtime. Little to see, cold water, strong currents and an annoying French diving buddy who kept bumping in to me. That was Corsica 2004. In 2003, I was awarded a PADI open-water diver certificate on Columbus Isle in the Bahamas. Looking back, that PADI course was time and money well spent. Case in point: today’s dive at Nemo33 – the world’s deepest diving pool.

Picture by Peter Rigole

Blue bliss at Nemo33 (credit: Peter Rigole @ Flickr.com)

Looking down to the deep by Michel Braunstein

"Looking down to the deep" by Michel Braunstein

After 4 years, my buoyancy skills were a bit rusty, but my oh my, what a joy this is. Clean, 33° C water, friendly staff and the price of admission includes a full kit (a rental dive computer is €3). Dive time is 60 minutes, including a 10′ minute free dive warm up. That leaves about 45′ for aquatic bliss. Nemo33 has four levels (1m, 3m, 7m, 10m), a number of caves and then – the pièce de résistance – a 35m blue hole (pictured above, more pictures here). We practically had the entire place to ourselves as only 6 divers showed up. Good times were had by all (save for my Polar S625x – not so water resistant as I thought). And thank you dive buddy Eddy for the advice and assistance.




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