“Greek Club Is Eager to Sign N.B.A. Stars”

16 10 2008

This headline accurately captures the moral panic that’s been keeping the NBA in a grip. It all started this summer when former Atlanta Hawks player Josh Childress signed an unprecedented, lucrative contract with Olympiacos. Seeing that the club owners would like to import more NBA talent, the NBA is panicking at the thought of one day losing big players to “European club owners with deep pockets”. Won’t be happening anytime soon though. Yes, players like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant could quadruple their fan base in Europe and earn boatloads of tax-free money playing all but 40 games a year, but the comfort of NBA contracts, posses, groupies and style of play combined with the lure of endorsement opportunities, GOAT status and championship rings means that the league’s biggest stars won’t ‘bolt for Europe’ anytime soon.




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