Can you dig it? This ukelele orchestra can

8 10 2008

In pop culture, intertextuality is a form of aesthetic play involving the extraction (decontextualization) of meaning from one genre, text or medium and consequent insertion (recontextualization) of that meaning into another genre, text or medium. The effectiveness of this symbolism relies on audience recognition of the recontextualized text. For instance, hip hop music becomes much more layered and sophisticated once you appreciate the samples that were used in the song. In the clip above, audience recognition occurs at the 0:37 mark. What more can you want from The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain?



2 responses

8 10 2008

Aaron heeft zitten shaken op deze versie van Shaft !

8 10 2008
Tom Van Hout

En dat met een tandje minder. They say this cat Aaron is a bad motha…

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