Aero lickety-split

2 10 2008

With my heart set on racing half ironman distances in 2009, I’m in the market for a tri bike (be still my beating heart). Disadvantages: these toys cost a pretty penny and they are not functional. Advantages: tri bikes are designed to go fast and they look the part. I received an offer today for a full carbon time trial frame that’s within my budget. All I need now is a name for my newfound love. All suggestions are welcome.

PS: whoever photoshopped this pic did a lousy job hiding the wheel decals.



7 responses

2 10 2008

mss is de “Tomba Rider” een suggestie of lijkt dit iets teveel op één of ander pc-spelletje

2 10 2008
Tom Van Hout

Ik dacht meer aan iets pornografisch. ‘Ons Jenna’ of zo.

3 10 2008

Of iets in de aard van ‘Tombrighter’, een samentrekking van

Tomba = Tom zelve
Brighter = helderder, lichter, betrekking tot de fiets uiteraard

Snel uitgesproken wordt dit dan uiteraard Tomb-rider …

Man man ik moest dichter worden!!!


3 10 2008


3 10 2008

wat dacht ge van –) my bitch

3 10 2008
Tom Van Hout

zo noemt mijn wetsuit al!

5 11 2008
bob rodriguez

hey Tom & fan club members… sorry to use English but I don’t yet speak Flemish, or French, or …

The bike looks fast. Hope that the engine is. Train safe.

name: unrelenting …

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