Euraxess: a researcher’s bill of rights

17 09 2008

European scholars, rejoice! The EU has a charter which “specifies the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers”. According to the European Charter for Researchers, researchers should:

“focus their research for the good of mankind and for expanding the frontiers of scientific knowledge”

  • on display at your local museum: humanities!

“adhere to the recognised ethical practices and fundamental ethical principles appropriate to their discipline(s)”

  • no more binge drinking before, during and after conferences

“make every effort to ensure that their research is relevant to society”

  • Honey, did you notice how your mother discursively constructed her know-all identity?

“be familiar with the strategic goals governing their research environment and funding mechanisms”

  • does the term “grant ho” ring a bell?

“be familiar with the national, sectoral or institutional regulations governing training and/or working conditions”

  • never, ever ask a graduate student: “so, how’s your thesis coming along?”

be “accountable for the efficient use of taxpayers’ money”

“adopt safe working practices … for recovery from information technology disasters”

  • you wouldn’t be the first to lose your collection of Top Gear clips.

“should ensure … that the results of their research are disseminated and exploited”

  • do blogs count?

“ensure that their research activities are made known to society at large in such a way that they can be understood by non-specialists”

  • here’s my answer: ethnography is about big things in society, like power, status, voice

“establish a structured and regular relationship with their supervisor(s) and faculty/departmental representative(s)”

  • yes, more meetings

“seek to continually improve themselves by regularly updating and expanding their skills and competencies”

  • hooray for winter schools in Honolulu




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8 05 2009
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